Network Measurement 4 All is a modular curriculum that enables teachers, community leaders, and anyone interested in collecting wireless network measurements to do so using a number of off-the-shelf AND source-based projects.

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Network Measurement 4 All (NM4All) was designed after a group of researchers spent time in Northern New Mexico collecting measurements of cellular network performance and availability in the region. They found strong allyship and support in the people living in the area and received many questions about how citizens could go about collecting their own measurements to share with others in their community and to advocate for network resources. The NM4All curriculum is designed to educate a wide range of learners in a variety of settings, including K-12 classrooms, after school programs, community workshops, and college courses. After engaging with the NM4All curriculum, learners should be able to:

  1. Discuss why it is important to measure network performance in different places.
  2. Distinghuish between various network performance metrics, including data rate, latency, and jitter.
  3. Correlate the impacts that different network measurements have on how well the network is working.
  4. Collect network measurements on their own device using one of the recommended mobile apps.
  5. Contribute collected network measurements to the NM4All map.
  6. Analyze the NM4All map and other cellular coverage maps to provide insights about places where more measurements are needed and where better connectivity might be needed.

Funded by

Efforts for the development of NM4All was funded by the NSF project “SCC: PuebloConnect: Expanding Internet Access and Content Relevance in Tribal Communities.” The project seeks to address the dual goals of improving Internet access in economically marginalized communities while also building local capacity towards regular digital content creation. Learn more about the larger PuebloConnect Project here.

Created by

Dr. Morgan Vigil-Hayes is the creator of NM4All. She teaches computer networks at Northern Arizona University and is passionate about measuring network connectivity and performance and empowering communities through data and information. You can learn more about her work here

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Morgan Vigil-Hayes. Network Measurement 4 All Curriculum. Funded by NSF CNS-1831698. http://canis-nau.github.io/NM4All

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